Definition - ParamDefDoc

The ParamDefinitionDoc document is a definition document that contains the properties for a unique parameter instance.

The ParamDefinitionDoc document does not contain a reference to the ConfigDoc document and therefore can be reused by multiple configurations and data sets.

Field Data Type Required Default Description
id String Yes - A unique identifier that is referenced by all other documents see section Unique Id Generation.
sourceId String No - A free form string description of the source identifier for this parameter data.
groups Array [String] No - An array of free form strings used to generate a tree structure of the groups and subgroups that parameter belongs to. The root group should be the first entry of the array value.
name String No - A free form string value to name the parameter.
description String No - A free form string description of the parameter.
aliases Array [AliasDoc] No - Collection of alias names associated with this ParamDefDoc
format String No - A C style format used to display the parameter data value. See the section Format Strings for details and examples.
conversion String No - The unique identifier (id) of the conversion document used to convert the parameter data value into a display value. Multiple types of conversion documents exist.
channelDefDocIds Array [String] No - An array of the unique identifiers (id) for each of the ChannelDefinitionDoc documents associated with this parameter.
type Fixed String Fixed ParamDefDoc The fixed value is always set to ParamDefDoc.