Definition - CANMessageDefDoc

The CANMessageDefinitionDoc document is a definition document that contains the properties for a CAN message instance.

The CANMessageDefinitionDoc document is referenced by the CANBufferDefinitionDoc document and provides a container that hold associated CANParamDefinitionDoc documents.

The CANMessageDefinitionDoc document does not contain a reference to the ConfigDoc document and therefore can be reused by multiple configurations and data sets.

Field Data Type Required Default Description
id String Yes - A unique identifier that is referenced by all other documents see section Unique Id Generation.
description String No - A free form string value to describe the CAN message.
messageId String No - A free form string value of the CAN message id (eg 0x213).
length 64-bit Long No - A 64-bit Long value representing the length of the message in bytes.
canParamDefDocs Array [CANParamDefinitionDoc] No - An associated CANParamDefinitionDoc document.
type Fixed String Fixed CANMessageDefDoc The fixed value is always set to CANMessageDefDoc.