Data - ParamScalarValueDoc

The ParamScalarValueDoc document is a data document that contains the properties and a set of values for a single configuration parameter.

Field Data Type Required Default Description
id String Yes - A unique identifier that is referenced by all other documents see section Unique Id Generation.
configDocId String Yes - The unique identifier (id) of the ConfigDoc document that this document is associated with.
paramDefDocId String Yes - The unique identifier (id) of the ParamDefinitionDoc that holds the properties for the parameter associated with the data values stored in this document.
time 64-bit Long No - A 64-bit Long timestamp specifying the time of the associated data. The timestamp represents the number of nanoseconds since the reference time of midnight, 1st January 1970.
value 64-bit Double Yes - A single 64-bit double value.
constant Boolean Yes - A boolean value indicating if this document is a constant withing the context of the current configuration
type Fixed String Fixed ParamScalarValueDoc The fixed value is always set to ParamScalarValueDoc.