Data - EventDataDoc

The EventDataDoc document is a data document that contains the properties and a data values for an individual event instance.

This document provides fields to store both raw data values and formatted string or engineering values.

Field Data Type Required Default Description
id String Yes - A unique identifier that is referenced by all other documents see section Unique Id Generation.
configDocId String Yes - The unique identifier (id) of the ConfigDoc document that this document is associated with.
eventDefDocId String Yes - The unique identifier (id) of the EventDefinitionDoc that holds the properties for the event definition associated with the data values stored in this document.
time 64-bit Long Yes - A 64-bit Long timestamp specifying time of the event instance. The timestamp represents the number of nanoseconds since the reference time of midnight, 1st January 1970.
status String No - A free form string status value for the event instance.
type Fixed String Fixed EventDataDoc The fixed value is always set to EventDataDoc.